Why English schools will have IELTS International School Students Reading for 2017 students studying in the UK, more than the new policy, it is necessary, here is a look at the interpretation of the 2017 British students IELTS new policy. Three types of ordinary IELTS IELTS (IELTS), also known as traditional IELTS, is divided into class A (Academic) and class G (training), can be used to apply for Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 4 all types of UK visa. Registration fee 1750 yuan. UKVI visa and immigration IELTS (IELTS for) is to meet the special requirements of the British visa and immigration authorities to set up the examination, can be used as part of the UK visa application materials. Registration fee of 2000 yuan IELTS life skills exam (IELTS for Life Skills) only test the candidates of the English speaking and listening level, divided into CEFR (European language common reference frame) A1 and B1 level of class two. Registration fee 1500 yuan. What are the effects of the new IELTS policy on the British students? If you are ready to apply Tier4 (student visa) to enroll in HTS British colleges of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, only need to submit the evidence to the requirements of English language proficiency in offer. The Ministry of Education approved more than and 100 universities in the United Kingdom all belong to Highly Trusted Sponsor. In other words, the application of HTS institutions in the UK students, as long as the language level reached the school requirements, you can ignore this new deal. This also means that in September 2017, enrolled in the preparatory language courses students must take in the designated 12 domestic visa IELTS test class to the uk. In addition, more than half a year to apply for British undergraduate students China because IELTS is not enough, will enroll in EAP courses in language learning. These undergraduate students also need to apply for a visa in the UK visa and immigration IELTS score. Therefore, the greater the impact of the new deal, in fact, need to study in the United Kingdom to learn foreign language courses. After the implementation of new IELTS more tight while for the general application of British university bachelor degree or above China students, there is not much need to apply for 13 visa IELTS test set. But there are a lot of students, in order to avoid multiple brush points are not able to meet the requirements of IELTS HTS school, will be more inclined to choose to participate in the visa class IELTS, rather than the general ielts. However, visa IELTS has a registration fee of 2000 yuan, will undoubtedly bring greater cost to the candidates. For students who have begun to apply for British schools, may wish to participate in an ordinary IELTS test the water, and then according to the results of the next choice whether to apply for a visa IELTS exam. If the target and requirement of not much difference between you can continue to apply for colleges, colleges and IELTS; if far from, is safe, may directly apply for visa ielts. Pre-sessi.相关的主题文章:

HUAWEI Mate9 again exposed the black technology   fast charge OPPO– seckill people.com.cn Hainan windows — perhaps people.com.cn released in early next month rumors because HUAWEI Mate 9 recently broke the news on the web constantly. The day before, according to sources disclosed on micro-blog news, HUAWEI Mate 9 upgrade fast charging technology, support 5V 4.5A and 22W output, but not with the dual camera is 20 million pixels, but a combination of 12 million pixels +2000 megapixel, is expected to officially debut in November 3rd. Upgrade fast charging technology in the past about HUAWEI Mate 9 broke the news almost all focused on the dual camera, and other features on the upgrade is rarely mentioned. And now, there are people on the news broke the news that HUAWEI Mate 9 will upgrade fast charging technology to support 5V 4.5A and 22W output. At the same time in order to cooperate with the HUAWEI Mate 9 5V 4.5A low voltage fast charging technology, HUAWEI will also for the data line of the original machine upgrade from the original 2A to maximum current, promoted to the highest support 5A output current. Although the authenticity of the message has yet to be confirmed, but had already had a netizen claimed that HUAWEI Mate 9 genuine black technology is not the kylin 960 processor and dual camera, but HUAWEI independent research and development of "super fast charge" SuperCharge, allegedly technology in 5 minutes will be 3000 Ma battery half full. Two different camera pixel in addition, parameters of dual camera with the HUAWEI Mate 9 also slightly different with past rumors, not all but 20 million pixels, 12 million pixels +2000 megapixel portfolio. Among them, the 12 million pixel camera sensor size is 12.85 inches, while the sensor is a pixel of the lens is 12.8 inches, as to whether the black and white + color sensor configuration is not exact news. Of course, HUAWEI will join Leica technology for the cameras, and rumors with optical image stabilization and phase focusing function, the camera software optimization will also be upgraded, and the lens aperture will be increased to F1.8 and F2.0, have more amount of light, in the shooting effect is better under low light conditions. It is reported that support or waterproof function, HUAWEI Mate 9, codenamed "Manhattan", which is the past rumors of "Manhattan", will be equipped with 8 million pixel front camera, and uses the Tpye-C interface, but the distribution of the minimum value of the battery capacity of 3900 Ma, but may promote 4000 mah. In addition, there are users post bar broke the news that HUAWEI Mate 9 may join the IP67 waterproof and dustproof function of the class, equipped with Unicorn processor 960, with 4GB 6GB memory and provide the highest 256GB storage capacity. HUAWEI Mate 9 is also equipped with a 6 inches touch screen and pre installed the latest Android system, there are already suspected HUAWEI Mate 9 of the type相关的主题文章:

The first time after the "grand track" to boast a boast of what is going on? [Abstract] even if the "grand track" there are still many will be Tucao where Guo Jingming is also difficult to simply rely on a film to reverse his position in the public opinion in the. However, this is indeed than those produced crude, forced stirring base, full of gas network scripts, awkward bursting point homemade popcorn movie, too good. "Grand track" first notice day group to build a fourth value Yan magic film Tencent (Wen Yang Geng entertainment Zhuangao editing circle) what kind of film in the promotional period only launched a trailer? What kind of movie was released at the premiere when genius held the premiere? What kind of movie premiere tickets can also be fired thousands of Yuan berserk? What kind of movies can be gathered in a called "frenzied" all star cast? "Grand track" crew family portrait: what kind of movie is adapted from a "pending" of the original novel? What kind of movies do you want to take with all the live CG motion capture techniques that other Chinese directors have not used? What kind of movies, people holding the "desperate" approach to harvest the unexpected joy? What kind of movie, let a person want to boast but seem to boast not export? Meet the above conditions of the film, there may be many. However, to meet all, only one – "grand track". "Grand track" the official version of the poster in September 29th, the film "grand track" premiere in Beijing, this is regarded as the National Archives before top seeded topic for the box office of the first public film finally. In September 30th, 0.1, this movie has begun in the national day before the release, and the release of the "passing from your world" opened a national profile curtain. As Guo Jingming’s new film, the film "grand track" from the project at the beginning of much discussion and questions publicly. Guo Jingming and Wang source together onto the red carpet Premiere of "grand track" first is the type of film. "Grand track" adapted from Guo Jingming’s novel of the same name, is a blend of myths, epics, and other elements of the real action fantasy film CG. The story of the scene shooting stars in the movie is like this: the myth of the legendary Odeon mainland is divided into four countries, wind, fire, water, every country has mastered the soul of people, one of the most powerful of the seven is called the king. Water boy Qi zero (played by Chen Xuedong) mysteriously was the seven Baron silver (played by Wu Yifan) as an apostle, involved in the soul of the storm, water hidden secrets has gradually surfaced. In the story, to find their own acts of silver Qi zero, inadvertently found the previous king Gilgamesh was probably still alive the secret, then back into the search, and at the same time as the erosion of King ghost (played by William Chan), Maria Teresa (played by Amber Kuo) also received the Silver Ghost and Shanlian Stephen (played by Fan Bingbing), killing red news. A king and the apostles to the truth and honor campaign triggered at any moment. Four groups of jazz in the film make partner even leaving had questions about the similarity between the "grand track" novels and Japanese "FATE" and the "copy" theory, try in this type of Chinese film for so many years, there is no real box office reputation double harvest work, plus.相关的主题文章:

Ma Yili talk about parenting for her daughter horse choose an international school recently, Ma Yili drying out a self timer at micro-blog, the photo of Ma Yili wearing lovely paper hat, his face, long eyelashes is also very qiangjing. In this regard, Ma Yili said that the paper cap and camera angles are daughter loves horses masterpiece: "elder sister gave me a hat matches my hair, her point of view also captures my natural long eyelashes." Many netizens said: sister, mom and dad as talented! Small woman! Ma Yili sun self "talented woman" is not just a horse, and now 8 years old, she is a young mother Ma Yili ingenuity, often in micro-blog drying out her daily, as a proud mother horse shows between the lines. His earlier Ma Yili micro Bo said: "8 years old! Horses in advance of the cake division well enough help the class teacher to eat (no nuts) cup cake, noon to school, the children sing and eat cake butter face very happy." See from the pictures, the little horse cake is really fine, also made the class to eat enough, this is the spirit of sharing, love praise! Ma Yili made a great deal of talk about parenting: "I have been working as a parent for three or four years after I finished my eldest daughter, and now I’ve been trying to be a friend. Why? Because I think that only the relationship of equality, is the most harmonious and comfortable with each other! Is it difficult? Hard! Because the real from the subconscious that the child is an independent individual needs to be respected, rather than letting you at the mercy of the little people of our generation is very difficult!" And make friends with her daughter, Ma Yili can be seen is free for parents, it is no wonder that the horse can love such ingenuity and understanding, certainly with my mother’s words and deeds are inseparable. Ma Yili and Ma Yili and the horse as a "friend" in the education of the parents, the daughter of Ma Yili, and the choice of international education is also free and open, according to the story, horses went to Shanghai a famous international kindergarten, the kindergarten hardware facilities is very good, the campus activities are very rich, of course, the same tuition no fee, annual tuition fee of nearly 200 thousand yuan, but there are still many star parents to choose the school, the "roaring emperor" Steve Ma, "little giant" Yao Ming, actor Wang Zhiwen, actress Ting Zhang’s children are in the kindergarten, is the two generation of stars gathered, why so many parents are keen to star the choice of international school? If you are curious, would you like to know more about international education? Download the international school APP, you want to know, you can find the answer! In this paper, the original section of the Sina Education International School column, unauthorized reprint prohibited. Scan two-dimensional code, download the Sina APP international school education class parents!! The classroom curriculum: August 2nd "parents apply for U.S. schools, children also need to customize the program 4" [] "the August 4th Qilian Mountains dry cargo for their undergraduate study in" Xu Yi [August 9th] "the dry cargo to apply for U.S. schools, how to choose the new SAT ACT test and pro? "Xu Yi [August 1] the dry cargo Philippines相关的主题文章:

In Beijing over 80% of the sale of housing disputes involving the seller does not move out of the account — real estate — people.com.cn original title: Beijing over 80% of the sale of housing disputes involving the seller does not move out of Hukou [Abstract] the second intermediate people’s court held the sale of housing disputes conference, research shows that individuals who have asked the current account from the sale of housing disputes cases accounted for 86% of JINGWAH although the times are drawing Xie Yao to sell the house, but the seller has not yet accounts; buy school district room due to cause the child to become a bubble in…… Yesterday, the second city court held the sale of housing disputes conference, research shows that people buy the requirements of existing accounts cases accounted for the sale of housing disputes 86%, because the account migration caused such cases in recent years showed a rising trend. City Second Hospital, said, according to existing laws and policies, the police and the court can not force the original owner to migrate accounts. The seller is not released – moved to the account of a contract dispute according to the briefing, 2014, 2015 and January 2016 to July, the second city hospital has the trial involving account migration of the housing contract disputes were 13, 22 and 15. Among them, the person who asked to buy an existing account to move out of the case accounted for 86% of the total number of cases. In this case, half relates to the outsider’s account, in addition to selling the accounts, accounts and his relatives, even the house before the owner. "The cases concentrated in the school district room and serial sale", the Second City Court Civil Tribunal Xiao Daming introduced, after investigation, the city center case is relatively large, the outer suburbs of the case is less. Among them, involving Dongcheng, Xicheng District housing cases accounted for 26% of the total number of cases and 32%. It is reported that the sale of housing generally agreed on a daily basis to pay liquidated damages. In such a case the time of breach of contract duration is too long, resulting in the amount of liquidated damages is very high, ranging from several million to 200 million yuan, up to 20% of the total 1629. "Why don’t you move your account?" In this regard, the justices, sellers who agreed to move out, but in the process of the contract, the registration people unwilling to cooperate, could not find the registration, registration and even deaths, resulting in account of the delay can not move out. Some people have no other place to settle household registration, such as some real people after selling live in public rental housing, rental housing and private people; the old man "house-for-pension scheme" admitted to nursing homes, nursing homes for rent housing, do not have settled conditions, leading to the original owners of accounts can not move out. – the current situation of court cannot force the seller transfer accounts according to the judge the second city court, the court verdict does not directly transfer accounts. Account migration Department of public security organs of the authority of the household registration, does not belong to the scope of the court to deal with civil cases, that is, the court can not determine the migration account, only to investigate the seller’s liability for breach of contract. The judge said that if people do not agree to move out of the account registration or do not have to move out of the account, or any other circumstances involved in housing can not be settled, buyers can only be based on the sale contract, claim the damages, the court asked the others to move out to households)相关的主题文章: